jane fairorth

Many years ago, while in college studying fine arts,  I discovered my passion for calligraphy as I addressed the envelopes for my sister's wedding.  Since then I've had the pleasure of working on nearly one thousand invitations for events all over the world. In addition I've created several dozen menus for spas, hair salons and restaurants, as well as logos and letterhead for a wide variety of businesses.  Another passion of mine is rendering quotes and poems into lovely pieces of art through the beauty of letter forms. I'm equally comfortable designing with hand calligraphy, computer generated materials or some combination of the two mediums.  

By working closely with my clients in all facets of the design process,  I ensure that the celebration of their dreams becomes a reality.  Whether I am only consulting on the process of ordering invitations, addressing envelopes, adding small artistic touches, designing some of or all of the events' printed materials, or hand crafting the whole invitation from start to finish I am meticulous, creative and passionate about my work.